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Your own website is the first sign of your business and it needs to have the modernized look, be stylish and simultaneously simple in usage and have a possibility to navigate around easily.
The main idea of it is providing information about your goals, services and goods to the customers clearly. Your website should have an identity of its own like it should have its unique colour specifications along with an easy to remember logo and company's motto.
The content plays an important role in conveying your views to the customer, but if the website design is scrappy and messy all around, then your customer won't stay longer in your site. At WebArch, we’ve a very talented and passionate team of designers, who know exactly how to turn your dreams into reality. Every design that goes out of the stables of WebArch is unique and will have an identity made by private approaches.
Our team of professional designers always keeps them updated with the latest technology and the latest design trends existing in the WebSphere. Website design industry is similar to the fashion industry, the trends change quite often along with the technology and we make sure that your website looks trendy, ultra-modern and responsive, so that it can be seen clearly on all devices.

Website Development

At WebArch we always follow the 4D’s in the website development process. The 4D’s mean Discover, Design, Develop and Drive to provide a successful website that meet its requirements and all the goals envisioned by the customer. It is during the initial phase also called the “discover” phase that we work with the clients to understand their vision and formulate a requirement that is agreed upon by the client.
Once we have a formal agreement on the requirement, our development team headed by an experienced Project Manager will cooperate with the team to create an SOW (Scope of Work), which outlines all requirements into the minute detail, along with the resources to be involved, budget, technology etc. The SOW is passed onto the client for approval and then the prototyping, functional and technical design along with architecture finalization are done.
Now, we move onto the third stage called the “development” or the coding phase, where the technical designs and prototypes are transformed into real programs. If you have all aspects in the design phase clear and precise, then it is unnecessary to worry about the development phase, as it just involves implementing the design formulated in the previous level. The one reason why many projects fail is because of spending time not in creating a detailed design document, along with functional and technical specifications. And the final phase is to launch the website successfully and provide post-implementation support if needed.

Video and Audio Production

We also provide video and audio production services by combining the latest technology with high-end equipment. Our photography and video services will help you in generating ultimate digital content. Nowadays, people prefer to buy things on the internet and before choosing a product they tend to look at the product at all possible angles including a 360 degree view and our digital media experts and photographers have a huge experience in taking high quality product images and will come up with the best lighting and surrounding to capture the best out of your products and to take your product images to the next level. Product demonstration videos also play an important role in the customer’s minds in deciding whether to buy the product or not. Our Video production analysts and experts can provide you with the best product demonstration videos that captureall aspects of your video and conveys the same in a simple and somewhat funny manner to register your product quickly in the minds of your customer. WebArch also provides audio production services in mixing, editing and recording audios for your product marketing services. With a huge collection of music clips, sound effectsand special effects, we can provide you with the best audio for your business.

Website Branding

If you want your brand to be successful, then you need to create a unique brand identity for yourself that conveys who you are and what are the products and services you offer. When you think of a brand identity, don’t just consider your logo alone, but your website design and colors are involved, your motto, the symbols and images used in your website, everything represents your brand identity. It should all be unique across all your marketing channels including your business card, your social media channels like Twitter or Facebook or your website blog etc. Our branding specialists’ team and marketing professionals will help you create a unique identity for your business from the scratch or help you enhance your existing identity to jump start your growth and drive competitive advantage to your business. We help you in creating your brand DNA and create a unique visual brand identity that communicates and connects with your customers in a great way.
We don’t settle with a design or a concept easily, we dive deep into your business to understand your customers, products and services you offer and how customers value your services and only then sit down to work on building your brand identity.

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E-Commerce Application Development

If you need to get your business online, then you can’t find a better company than WebArch that could take your business to the next level. We are one of the leading IT services company having launched a lot of successful small and large e-commerce websites. We not only provide high-end solutions for your business, but also provide ways and means to promote and advertise your business to drive traffic to your website. We have worked with all kinds of payment gateway solutions and always provide a safe and secure shopping cart management system that lets you choose, pay and place the order in a few simple steps. Since we have enormous experience in working with many projects, we completely understand the latest trends in the e-commerce market and hence use the latest technology and design aspects to provide a modern, easy-to-use e-commerce website. All our websites are responsive, so that it can be accessible across all platforms including desktops, mobile phones and tablets etc. We have some of the best e-commerce specialists with plenty of years of experience in working on huge e-commerce projects to delight customers across the globe.

Mobile Application Development

We are one of the leading mobile application development companies with plenty of years’ experience in providing some of the coolest mobile applications. Our experience and success has placed us in the top position and we always strive hard to take our success to the next level. We not only build mobile apps but build a better tomorrow for our customers.
We’ve worked on hundreds of mobile applications ranging from native to enterprise apps for various mobile platforms including iOS and Android. We are authenticated mobile developers as we are a registered Google play developer and also obtained membership to the iOS App Developer Program. When it comes to iOS mobile applications, we’ve built various apps for iPhone, iPad or Apple watches. We have some of the most passionate and skilled C and objective C coders, who always go to the next level in implementing the best solutions to achieve success and also constantly keep them updated with the latest trends in the iOS market. We’ve developed a boat load of Android Apps on versions from 22.x to 5.x, we’ve built android utility apps, android games and android enterprise websites for hundreds of customers. With the help of the latest technology and advanced tools, our team of android developers can easily turn your dream app into a reality.

Search Engine Optimization

WebArch is known for providing the best SEO services in the industry with a unique and out-of-box approach to SEO that always delivers outstanding results. Equipped with a pool of talented and skilled team of SEO specialists, WebArch has helped hundreds of websites to boost their rankings and drive traffic to their websites to a great extent. Employing strategic on-page and off-page optimization techniques, we are able to achieve exceptional results in quick time. Every website owner wants to see their website on the first page of search engines, so that it drives traffic to their websites and in turn increases their business to a great extent. But “Rome was not built in a day” and likewise, you can achieve results overnight. If you employ organic SEO strategies and update engaging content regularly with proper keywords throughout the content, then no one can stop your website improving its rankings.
Our SEO techniques and strategies are always result-oriented and you see for yourself the difference our SEO strategies due to your business within weeks of starting our SEO services. You will definitely see a marked improvement in the traffic to your website and also your rankings boosted to a certain level. We also help in listing your websites in popular directories and monitor comments and reviews posted and try to alter our campaigns based on the reflections posted by the customers.

Support Services

WebArch also provides IT support services to keep your business running without any issues. We are always available to help you in troubleshooting all kinds of issues with your website, IT networking issues, database support, server support, security support, installation support or client management support etc. Our support teams act as a backbone to your services and reduce your overall IT costs and also help in largely improving the end-user productivity and largely hinder any prospects of cost escalation. We also provide hardware support team in managing your assets and inventory management and also help in software deployments. We also form a single point of contact between you and your clients in terms of all hardware and software provisioning services. Companies don’t need to worry about employing subject matter experts in the field of networking and focus their concentration only in development and all other issues will be handled by an expert support services team from WebArch.

Copywriting Services

WebArch is one of the leading copywriting service providers with a passionated team of skilled and professional copywriters with huge experience in creating quality and highly researched content. If you are looking to build your brand value by providing a high quality content, but tired of working with amateur writers who provide low quality content which makes your website so dull, then you’ve come to the right place. At WebArch, we provide modern, 100% unique, well-researched and SEO rich content that meets all your requirements. It is imperative to provide high quality and engaging content to your customers to communicate your services and products and always to stay ahead of the competition. In WebArch we never encourage content spinning and re-writing other content. We always ensure that every word we deliver is manually written after hours of research and the content delivered is devoid of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors. We use several special tools like "Copyscape" to check for plagiarism before delivering the content to the client. We always try to understand the underlying vision and goals behind the content and try to align our thinking to provide the attractive and impressive content.