TOP-14 Trends in Web Design in 2017 – WebArch

Line, color, light and shade, space and form – the elements that make up the picture. Each epoch had its own tendencies in representing the world. Web designers are the same artists, only they create in digital format. And if the directions in art have not changed so often, then web design – is transformed from year to year. We will try to compile a guide to trends in graphic design and to anticipate how the sites will be modified in 2017.
So, 14 turns on the way to the fashion interface:
1. Focus on content
More importantly: the content or design of the page. The answer is simple – the design should be profitable to represent the content. Designers of the WebFlow service (site designer) offer to end the struggle for supremacy in 2017, giving preference to content. The user visits the site in search of an answer to a request, whether it’s a product, service or useful article. The task of a web designer to submit content is most convenient for a person.
2. Avoiding “hamburgers”
A small and comfortable menu icon in the form of three strips, which was nicknamed the “hamburger” for its similarity with the layers of fast food, is gradually losing its popularity. Too often it is used. In 2017, experiments with navigation are encouraged, an unusual arrangement of menu sections, for example on the frame around the site.
3. «Сard-based design»
Card web design has conquered the vastness of the Internet quickly. Pros of this design:
Convenient location of the blocks on the site;
Visually profitable content delivery;
adaptability for mobile devices.
On the question: whether or not to be card design in 2017, there is no unanimous answer. It will be used, since it has already proved its effectiveness.
But the block design is gradually losing the position of the favorite because of the “ramifications” of this interface. Minimalism and flat design remain popular. Clear and convenient navigation elements without unnecessary maneuvers, the use of just a few colors in the design – time-tested techniques.
4. Polygonal mesh
To think unconventionally offers this trend to designers. Try to use a non-standard grid on the site – let the blocks “run over” a little at each other, and the texts go beyond the usual framework.
Originality is always in fashion. Non-standard models and new approaches to graphic design have already been tested by Western designers.The most daring solutions can be implemented with the help of Flexbox modules and CSS Grid.
5. Fancy unusual fonts – a bias on typography
Large font – one of the main elements of web design is not the first day. In the new year, the trend will only strengthen. In the trend – handwritten inscriptions and stylized for hand-made icons.
An excellent addition to the design of the site will be font graphics (if appropriate).
6. Adaptive design
The universality of websites for devices with large and small screens is no longer a new trend. The “mobile first” approach is also relevant in 2017. In addition to the ability to adapt to mobile gadgets, in the near future, sites must adapt to a specific user, depending on:
Skills (competencies).
For example, fonts, brightness of colors, navigation will vary depending on who entered the site: a pensioner, a preschooler, an Internet beginner or a confident user. This will be possible, thanks to the development of metadata.
7. Colors
Juicy monotonous colors, their flow and halftone moved from the trends of last year to the current one. Designers continue to use gradients and create interesting transitions. By the way, if you can not decide on the color choice – look at the fashionable “Greenery”.
It reminds of fresh spring greens and will help to place color accents on the site. Specialists Pantone Color Institute called it the color of 2017th.
8. Infographics
The reception is not new, but effective. Any statistics on the site with the help of infographics turns into a visually understandable picture with interesting content.
9. Animations
Static pages are boring. The user is much more interesting to “walk” on the site with animated icons. Draw attention with animation to those elements that are beneficial to you, for example, to the button “Buy”.
Use micro-interaction, so that the user sees a response to clicks, conversions, confirmations on the site. Then mechanical actions will become interactive and attractive.
10. Background photos and videos
Animation is good, and large-format background photos and videos for site design are even better. Video gives dynamics to the web resource and allows you to immerse the user in a certain history, look behind the scenes of the company’s internal processes or brand. Cotriting in web design is still relevant. Photo – illustrates, creating an atmosphere.
If these elements are boring – use cinemagrafiyu (symbiosis of photos and video). In this image, only one element continuously moves smoothly, as if a part of the photo comes to life.
11. Stop the drain!
Stock photos are found on every corner of the Internet, and from this the site’s identity is lost. In 2017, the web gives preference to unique images.
12. Scrolling +
Scrolling gained popularity due to mobile gadgets, from which “flipping” is more convenient. But many people are annoyed by the lack of access to the end of the page. Among the trends of 2017 is the connection of a scroll and page navigation. Let the user choose how to view the content.
13. Parallax-scrolling
In 2017, the parallax technique (motion at different speeds of the background and front) will take on a new breath – the development of more complex multi-layer techniques. Experiment with parallax, entice a person who entered the site with interactive elements. But do not overdo it, so as not to confuse the user.
14. 3D panoramas
360 ° panoramas – another way to effectively demonstrate to the user the goods or “give” the visitor the opportunity to virtually be present in some place, for example, in the office of the company, the hotel.
This is the main trends of web design for 2017. But do not focus only on them. Experiment, learn from experienced colleagues and then your site will become original and understandable to all users